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Thor: Love & Thunder hammer resting on a table.

Hey Makers, it’s time for another featured project blog post. Over the years we have seen and tried many superhero and supervillain 3D Prints including Spiderman, Thanos, Thor, Joker, and Catwoman to name a few. There are so many amazing Makers sharing their versions of the hero or villain characters for the community to enjoy that a lack of choice is never a problem. In this short blog post, we will be returning to our recent project, Thor: Love & Thunder Hammer, and interviewing one of the DIY team members responsible for the project.

Before we dive into the interview let’s take a look at the story of Mjolnir in Thor: Love & Thunder. (Be warned spoilers ahead)

The original Mjolnir was destroyed by Hela in the 2017 Thor Ragnarok film as she chases after Thor and Loki. After destruction it was put on display in New Asgard in a glass container protected by Asgardian warriors called Einherjar. During Thor: Love & thunder the remnants of Mjolnir call out to Jane Foster due to a promise Thor made upon the hammer when he was dating Foster. When Foster arrives in New Asgard the shattered Mjolnir reforms and upon taking hold of the hammer, and as long as she held it, Jane becomes the Might Thor. Jane then uses Mjolnir to defend New Asgard against the attack by Gorr and his Shadow Monsters. What helped in the defense was Mjolnir’s new ability to separate into many pieces and strike many enemies at once. Thor also tried to summon Mjolnir but was unable to despite still being deemed worthy. The prolonged use of Mjolnir made it hard for Jane’s body to fight the cancer her mortal body was dying from and causing her to temporarily put down the hammer. However, while fighting Gorr, Jane sensed that Thor was in mortal danger through Mjolnir and decided to spring into action as the Mighty Thor one last time. After they defeated him, Foster succumbed to her cancer and died an Asgardian death, leaving Mjolnir behind for Thor.

Our Thor: Love & Thunder Hammer

We first discovered the Mjolnir model while looking for large prints to test some of our printers. With so many Marvel fans in the office, we had to give the full-sized model a go. After a couple of failures, and quite a bit of filament, we were able to successfully print all the parts needed. Jade, our spray-paint master, painted the parts in more accurate colours. Jarrid, our resident geek, jumped at the opportunity to do the post-processing and texturing of the model as well as the electronics. We asked Jarrid for an interview to get more insight into the Maker and the project he worked on.

Interview with Jarrid

1. Are you a fan of the Marvel Universe?

I have been a comic book fan ever since I was 3 years old and dressed up as BatSuperman (combination Batman and Superman outfit) for Christmas and watched The Amazing Spiderman on rerun.

2. Who is your favourite Marvel character and what is your favourite movie?

My favourite character is Deadpool by a long way, but my favourite movie has to be Infinity War thanks to The Snap.  

3. How long have you been working with 3D Printers?

Around 5 years.

4. What inspired you to try the Thor: Love and Thunder Hammer print?

I really liked the prints style and was looking forward to post-processing this to improve my skills.

5. How long have you been painting/post-processing models that you print?

I decided to try improving my prints looks 2 years ago, and now I wonder why I it took me so long.

6. Tell us about the post-processing you did for the Thor: Love and Thunder hammer.

The main challenge was to make the hammer look weathered and battle worn and give the cracks depth and character.

7. What was the biggest challenge you faced with the Hammer project?

Those damn supports.

8. Looking back now is there anything you would have done differently?

Much less supports, and more LED’s.

image that links to the project Youtube video
Click this image to watch the full project video


We would like to thank Jarrid for taking the time to answer our questions and hope you enjoyed the insight into our Thor: Love & Thunder project. If you want to print your own Mjolnir then be sure to check out this link.

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