6 Awesome Halloween 3D Prints for 2022

It is that time of the year again. The time of year that all Makers with 3D Printers love. We are referring to Halloween, the time of the year when all printers are set to produce anything and everything spooky. In this blog post, we will be highlighting 6 awesome Halloween-themed 3D prints that you can use to take your decorations or costume to the next level. So be sure to stock up on some orange, white, black, and maybe red filament before diving into the list.

Jackie Jack-o-Lantern

Thing by BirdBott
When you think of pumpkins one of the first things that come to mind is Halloween. This is because pumpkins have become such a big part of the celebration. A popular activity is pumpkin carving to create jack-o-lanterns.  This wonderfully creepy Jack-o-Lantern is great for a spooky decorative pumpkin patch. Print it in orange and add an electronic tea candle or any smaller light to enjoy the full effect. 

Spider set

Thing by TanyaAkinora
One of the best parts of Halloween is seeing all the creative outfits that people create. Having a 3D Printer means you can print a huge range of accessories to really make your outfit stand out. This spider set can be used to make a creepy costume or as a way to decorate your house. If using it for a costume there are a variety of combinations you can do for a more unique piece.

Zombie Cup of Doom

Thing by shawngrimes
Zombies are a popular scary creature whether they be in video games, television shows, or as a prop in a haunted house for Halloween. Thankfully this large zombie head has been made safe by scooping out the content leaving you with a scary bowl or cup. This makes it an awesome addition to any Halloween setup whether it contains fake brains or some tasty candy.

Dark Mask – Jointed

Thing by BQEducation
A scary mask is the key to making the perfect Halloween costume. The Maker community is constantly designing amazing masks for other makers to print. This frightening fantasy mask is not only highly detailed but also hinged so that it can be made to open and close with your mouth. So if you are looking for a mask for your next costume that will allow you to enjoy your favourite candy then be sure to check this out.

Storied Skulls Crown and Tiara

Thing by MakerBot
Halloween can be a fun time for couples or friends with so many ways to make matching outfits. This Halloween, grab a friend or significant other and become rulers of the graveyard with this skull crown and tiara pairing. With a Demon skull and a Saber-Toothed Cat to choose from you’ll be sure to be the talk of whatever party you happen to haunt.


Printable by FatherLicorice
Not everything related to Halloween must be scary. There are plenty of costumes and decorations that are the opposite of scary. This collection of cute little ghosts comes with a variety of faces displaying various emotions so you can choose the ones that reflect your mood. Combined with the optional shoes and you have a cute Halloween decoration the kids will love.

We hope you have enjoyed this list of Halloween prints and would love to know if you decided to give any a try. If you have some cool ideas you would like to add or share with us, please tell us in the comments below. Check out the rest of our blog for other interesting topics and posts. Keep up to date with all things DIYElectronics by checking out our social media, FacebookInstagramTikTokTwitter, and join our community. If you want to check out our store, click this link.

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