6 Wonderfully Festive 3D Prints

Its crazy to think that December has already arrived and 2022 is drawing to a close. December is often seen as a time to spend with family; however, Makers see it as an opportunity to put their 3D Printers to good use and print festive items such as Christmas ornaments and decorations. Being Makers, we decided to put together a list of 6 festive themed prints that we think other makers will enjoy.

Funny Cartoon Christmas Candle

by creaturesandtheming
Candles are a common sight in the festive season, whether it be in a Christmas movie, in decorations, or used when out singing carols. This collection of cartoon candle prints feature different facial expressions and sizes allowing you to setup your own fun scenes. They have been designed to accommodate electric tealights and for the more adventurous Makers there is space for LEDs. Used together these models can make a great addition to your decorations.

Download 1 , Download 2 , Download 3, Download 4

Christmas Tree

by malpiszon
Spending time with family is often done around the table and during the holiday season this usually means the table needs a bit of decorating. If you are looking for a unique centrepiece for your table, then this Christmas tree print might be just what you need. This simple 3-part print allows you to create a small but unique Christmas tree that is perfect for table decorations. The way the print has been split up means you can come up with some nice colour combinations especially if you have a rainbow or multicolour filament on hand.


Christmas Stitch Ornament

by MBD_3D
Experiment 626, also called Stitch, is one of Disney’s most popular characters having brought joy to people of all ages for 20 years. But even creatures such as Stitch need a break to spend time with family and it seems the holiday season is the perfect time to do so. This adorable model features Stitch in a Christmas hat with a big smile on his face, quite the opposite to how we first saw him I the movie. If you have a friend who loves Stitch, then this is the perfect gift for them to hang on their tree.


Polar Bear Christmas Ornament

By JersyBeast
A common theme with Christmas movies is the use of snow, with many movies featuring scenes of a snow-covered house with a tree and fireplace visible in the window. Another place that has plenty of snow and ice is the North pole, where Santa Claus is rumoured to live. Another thing that lives in the North Pole are polar bears. This Polar Bear Christmas Ornament is a remix of a can holder and features an adult bear with a younger holding up a present on its shoulders. The present includes a hold so you can hang the model from your tree, alternatively you can scale the model up a bit and use it as a standalone decoration for things such as table centrepieces. So, if you like cute ornaments or love polar bears we recommend you give this model a try.


Christmas Tree Bauble Stand

by Boby71
While we have already featured a Christmas tree print in this list this tree is a bit different. If you have a unique or special bauble that you want to highlight when decorating, then this tree print might be exactly what you need. This is because the tree is actually designed to be a bauble stand with a cut out and hole for you to hang a single bauble from. While specifically designed for baubles a clever Maker can also find a way to hang small photos or other items from the hole for something more unique. The perfect print for makers who want a decoration they can make a bit more personal.


Nightmare Before Christmas Coaster Set

by sirprintsalot8
Coasters aren’t just useful for protecting your wood furniture from stains and keeping drinks secure but can also be used to show off your passions. This set of 5 coasters is based on the 1992 movie called nightmare Before Christmas and features the characters Jack Skellington, Sally, Oogie Boogie, and Zero. Nightmare Before Christmas is a popular family movie during both Halloween and Christmas thanks to its characters and story. When you are not using coasters then they can be stored in the included coaster holder which is also themed after the movie. The coasters are simple but fun pieces that can also help act as a conversation starter or just show your love for the movie.


We hope you have enjoyed this list of Festive prints and would love to know if you decided to give any a try. From everyone at DIYElectronics we wish all our readers a wonderful holiday season.  If you have some cool ideas you would like to add or share with us, please tell us in the comments below. Check out the rest of our blog for other interesting topics and posts. Keep up to date with all things DIYElectronics by checking out our social media, FacebookInstagramTikTokTwitter, and join our community. If you want to check out our store, click this link.

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