6 Prints to Help Keep Things Neat

Makers are always working on or looking for their next projects with some Makers even having multiple projects going at the same time. This can often lead to a messy workstation which can hamper your progress. To ensure nothing gets in the way of your making it is best to keep your workspace neat and tidy. In this blog post, we will be looking at 6 3D prints designed to help keep things neat and tidy. This post is by no means all-encompassing as there are so many useful models on sites such as Thingiverse, MyMiniFactory, Thangs, and more. So if you have other prints you think would help Makers keep their workspace neat then let us know in the comments.

Image showing storage box with small components inside.

Improved 4-Compartment Storage Box

By Dreadn0ughT – Download

There are so many printable storage devices available that it’s hard to choose the right one for you. This storage box is designed to be a secure portable storage solution for a handful of components. This makes it ideal if you have to travel or move around to work on your projects thanks to the robust box design. Another benefit of this box is its simple design, it doesn’t have multiple parts or require extra parts such as screws in order to work but rather is entirely 3D printed.

3D Printed revolver caddy storage

Revolver Caddy

By muzz64 – Download

Static storage devices are great if you want a well-organised workspace but what if you have tools such as tweezers that you want quick access to and don’t want to have to keep pulling from a shelf? The solution is revolving storage devices just like this Revolver Caddy. This caddy allows you to store 6 items in the revolving ring with the center functioning as an additional storage area. This allows you to keep your items organised and close at hand with just a spin. If you want a heavier base then you can do what I have done and import the model into software such as Tinkercad and make the base thicker.

Small print of MicroSD card case

Mini MicroSD Card Case V2

By ivolucasDownload

Working with electronics and printers that require MicroSD cards makes you realise just how easily those tiny things go missing. This is a problem that the Mini MicroSD Card Case V2 aims to solve. It provides you with 4 slots to securely store your MicroSD cards as well as 1 slot to store an SD card adaptor. The case also folds together to keep everything in place. The issue then is how do you avoid losing this case? Well besides keeping it in an easy-to-find place you can print the case in a bright colour so that it is easy to find if you do lose track of it.

Corner piece of cable organiser

Cable Corners… Keep Cables in Corners!

By muzz64  – Download

Cables are a part of life in today’s society whether you are working on a project or need to set up a fancy new appliance. This means you need to have great cable management and organisational skills in order to keep your workspace neat and tidy. These Cable Corners are designed to help you route cables along the wall and out of reach of hands and feet for safety. Routing the cables along a wall is ideal for semi-permanent cables that you don’t need to keep moving. Just make sure to check the minimum bend radius of the cable as some cables can be damaged if used with the corner piece.

A cable hooked in the cable claw

Cable Claw – Cable Drop/Holder

By Kart5a – Download

Another part of cable management is dealing with all the cables used for data transfer, charging, audio, and other things. It seems everything we use needs some sort of cable to function and this means another cable to keep track of. Luckily the Cable Claw is here to save the day. The Cable Claw is designed to allow you to hang your cables on the side of your desk or workstation so that they are out of the way but within reach if needed. As is the nature of the Maker community there are various remixes of the Cable Claw that are worth having a look at if the original design doesn’t meet your needs.

3d printed tool measuring some screws

Metric Screw Measuring Device – M2/2.5/3/4/5 4-50mm

By cmh – Download

Keeping your workspace clean is not just about routing cables and storing components but also about being able to sort components. As Makers, we all know the frustration of trying to sort assorted screws or that screws of various sizes accidentally got mixed together. The Metric Screw Measuring Device allows you to check the diameter and length of screws making it the perfect printable tool to help you properly sort screws so that they can be stored correctly.

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