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Getting in new products is always exciting for us as we love to provide local Makers with access to new products. SunLu is one of our newer brands when it comes to 3D Printer filament and now they have expanded their range to include 3D Printer resin. As we enjoyed the great quality of SunLu filament we knew we had to stock the resin range so that local Makers had another great quality and affordable resin option to choose from. In this blog post, we will be looking at the 4 new types of resin now in stock at DIYElectronics.

Every resin brand has its entry-level range that is designed to be affordable and easy to print with. SunLu follows the trend and instead of coming up with some fancy or unique name such as Monocure’s Rapid or eSun’s eResin they have kept it straightforward by calling it SunLu Standard. Standard resin is designed to be easy and faster to print with thanks to a uniquely low viscosity compared to other standard style resins from other brands. The low viscosity also helps with cleanup as it helps prints when drip drying and when there is spillage it is easier to clean up. SunLu has also worked hard to try to create a resin that is low odour to make it easier to work with as resin is well known to have a strong smell. What makes SunLu Standard resin and the other resins impressive is the high accuracy of up to 8K, this means you can produce some incredibly high-quality prints provided your resin printer can support it. This makes SunLu Standard resin a great affordable option for Makers.

In the modern world, companies are putting lots of focus on trying to come up with sustainable or eco-friendly versions of their products while still maintaining the level of quality that customers have come to expect. The chemicals used to produce some resins are not always the best so many companies have started looking for more environmentally friendly methods or components for their resin in order to help reduce the chemical impact it has on the environment. SunLu Plant-Based resin is SunLu’s more eco-friendly option as it uses soybean oil as a raw material in order to reduce the impact of chemicals on the environment and the user’s health. This doesn’t mean you have to compromise on print quality as Plant-based resin offers many of the same wonderful properties you get from SunLu Standard resin including the low viscosity which makes SunLu resin such a joy to use.

Makers who use resin know that cleaning a print can be troublesome and requires you to keep a decent amount of isopropyl alcohol (IPA) on hand to clean the prints. Luckily resin manufacturers have created a resin that is able to be washed with regular water. This not only makes cleaning easier but also saves you money as you don’t have to buy as much IPA. SunLu Plant-based resin offers similar features to the standard resin such as low viscosity, low odour, and up to 8K resolution. Another benefit of the Water-Washable resin is it offers a slightly lower shrinkage percentage which helps you achieve high-quality prints with better dimensional accuracy. All these points mean that Water-Washable resin is a great all-around resin for Makers who don’t want to the trouble of storing IPA. Just make sure to cure the water used in the sun before disposing of it.

Durability is one of the biggest issues faced by makers who use resin. Resin is often brittle and with small prints, the high level of detail means many small parts that are at risk of breaking off. For Makers who enjoy printing miniatures the risk of broken parts is a constant risk as all it may take is a little too much force or a drop to ruin your latest piece. ABS-Like resin is the strongest resin currently offered by SunLu and is designed to give you a bit more peace of mind when handling highly detailed resin prints. The high toughness of the resin makes it more resistant to falls and aging than standard resin and so it is better suited for prints that need to be durable. As this resin is ABS-like it has stronger properties but remains easy to use and shares printing qualities with the other SunLu resins. With ABS-Like resin, you can get a combination of incredibly detailed and robust prints that will withstand a few knocks.


StandardPlant-BasedWater WashableABS-Like
Surface Hardness (Shore D)80 – 8580 – 8580 – 8570 – 80
Body Contraction (%)7 – 9%7 – 9%6 – 8%6 – 8%
Tensile strength (MPa)20 – 4020 – 3530 – 5020 – 35
Elongation at break (%)5 – 15%5 – 12%8 – 14%15 – 25%
Bending strength (Mpa)25 – 4520 – 4035 – 5520 – 40
Bending modulus (Mpa)650 – 900600 – 800800 – 1100600 – 800
Bottom exposure time (s)20 – 80 (Colour), 10 – 60 (B&W)20 – 80 (Colour), 10 – 60 (B&W)30 – 80 (Colour), 10 – 60 (B&W)20 – 80 (Colour), 10 – 60 (B&W)
Normal exposure time (s)4 – 15 (Colour), 2 – 4 (B&W)5 – 15 (Colour), 2 – 4 (B&W)4 – 12 (Colour), 1.5 – 3.5 (B&W)4 – 12 (Colour), 1.5 – 4 (B&W)
Lifting distance (mm)6 – 106 – 106 – 106 – 10
Lifting speed (mm/min)60 – 12060 – 12060 – 12060 – 120
*B&W is a Black & White screen

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