4 Fillamentum Filaments That Astonish Makers

3D filament is the fuel that powers our creative masterpieces. Every time we press “go” on our 3D printer, it whizzes across the print bed, drawing whatever colourful 3D filament we desire. But as the wise saying goes, “What you put in is what you get out.” The 3D filament you choose will make all the difference.

Recently, we received over 50 new Fillamentum 3D filaments at the DIY Electronics office, and the team is in love with them. Fillamentum is the go-to premium brand for Makers who are serious about achieving high-quality 3D prints. This brand has taken the Maker community by storm worldwide. We gladly pulled them into South Africa for you to get a slice of this mind-blowing filament.

While Fillamentum does offer lovely smooth and vibrant print results with their ranges of the most common 3D filaments like PLA, PETG, and ABS, we want to highlight 4 more advanced ranges they have to offer. These 4 fantastic 3D filaments have wowed us like no other.

Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and discover what’s possible when printing with truly exotic, functional filaments?

Did you know you can print in wood? Fillamentum’s Timberfill range turns your 3D printer into a master carpenter. With a press of a button, you can produce beautiful woodcarvings in just a few hours. I know what you’re thinking, “There’s no way it’s actual proper wood in there, right?” Well, you’re half-right. Wood filaments are actually your trusty favourite PLA in disguise, giving you the appearance of wood while keeping its easy-to-print benefits. However, what makes Fillamentum Timberfill so special is that their 3D wood filament contains 15% real wood powder. So, yes. That means you are really printing wood!

Fillamentum takes real wood fibers from different trees to create stunning colours for your incredibly wood-like 3D prints. You can choose the natural browns of light wood and rosewood, or opt for something more snazzy like redheart or terraccotta wood. Fillamentum’s advanced additive method makes your 3D prints look, feel, and even smell like real wood. Without ever touching a carving knife, you have the amazing opportunity to 3D print custom “wooden” enclosures, containers, sculptures, jewelry and so much more.

Another spinoff filament for one of the popular 3 fan-favourites, ASA filament deserves its chance in the spotlight. And the good news is that it won’t melt in the heat. Fillamentum is one of the few brands that advocates for the superior strength of ASA over ABS filament. Their ASA range offers high resistance to natural forces. Our South African sun is brutal on many materials left outside to its mercy. Flash storms and rough winds batter around our precious 3D creations. If you know how to print with ABS, then you can easily print with ASA and enjoy greater long-term resistance against UV light, heat, and water.

Use Fillamentum ASA filament for outdoor projects that you don’t need to worry about reprinting every few weeks. This strong filament is available in a range of fun Fillamentum colours that mimic metals like aluminium as well as sleek blacks. Your cool ASA garden gadgets, like a hosepipe y-splitter, stylish sprinkler heads, and soil moisture sensors, will stay under the sun for long periods without discolouring. And just to add the cherry on top of an already-tasty sundae, Fillamentum ASA is also naturally anti-static. It’s the perfect choice for robust Electronics enclosures that can withstand impressive forces and are dust-resistant too!

Who says your stress ball can’t have a cute tail or look like a squishy little Darth Vadar? Flexible filaments lead to some of the best comedic 3D prints, but TPU filament is also really useful for a variety of functional projects. This cheeky polymer fits right between rubber and plastic, making it bendy, squishy, flexy, and hardy too! Recognizing the potential of TPU, Fillamentum has developed 2 version: TPU 92A and TPU 98A. The difference lies in their hardness, which means that TPU 98A is slightly stiffer than TPU 92A. So, you can choose exactly what you need for your project. When it comes to printing with TPU, you might endure a few trials and errors before getting it right. Direct drive is recommended. But once you master it, you’ll never want to stop printing with this flexy super filament.

Because of its bendable nature, Fillamentum TPU is quite impact resistant and can withstand stretching under strain. Fillamentum offers an array of colours, including red, orange, and blue that spark any project to life. TPU’s impressive tensile strength is perfect for printing high-grip robot wheels, rubber feet for 3D printers, door stops, and many other useful things that you can use around the office and home. Plus, you can print hundreds of tiny squishy octopuses to cover your desk with colourful friends!

Stepping into the deep waters of functionality now, nylon filament takes your 3D printer to a whole new league. There are extensive online guides on how to print with this filament, recommending specific printer upgrades. You’ll need a monster 3D printer to handle this beast, but oh are the benefits magnificent. Fillamentum has produced several nylon filaments, each enhanced with different additives to provide unique mechanical properties. With a proven track record of consistent quality and impressive methods, Fillamentum stepped into the industrial sector to make their mark. These nylon filaments open new frontiers by withstanding the harshest environments within machinery and professional applications.

Among the remarkable Fillamentum nylon filaments are some very technical sounding names like AF80, CF15, and FX256. In truth, Fillamentum’s nylon FX256 is the true nylon filament on which the others are based. This filament provides the chemical resistance, durability, and heat resistance that nylon is renowned for in advanced Maker circles. Fillamentum nylon CF15 adds a spice of 15% milled carbon fibre, providing reinforced strength and impact resistance. Fillamentum nylon AF80, however, laughs at the both of them with 8% aramid fibre, which adds self-lubrication to an already amazing filament. Nylon AF80 holds up against continuous sliding and friction, making it highly valuable for mechanical projects. Fillamentum’s nylon range is the greatest choice for purposeful 3D printing within industrial settings or even for pushing your limits at home.


In conclusion, Fillamentum 3D filaments offer an astonishing range of options that push the boundaries of what can be achieved with 3D printing. From their Timberfill range, which allows you to create realistic wood-like prints with the added bonus of actual wood powder, to their ASA filament that withstands the elements and UV light, Fillamentum brings unmatched colour and quality to the table. Their TPU filaments in two types give you the choice of flexibility with a durability that makes them perfect for functional projects. In a league of their own, Filamentum’s nylon filaments open new possibilities in the industrial and professional realms.

As Makers, we’re always looking for ways to expand our horizons and create something truly remarkable. Fillamentum 3D filaments provide us with the tools to turn our imagination into reality. So why wait? It’s time to explore and print with these amazing filaments. Visit the DIYElectronics online store to get your hands on these exotic Fillamentum 3D filaments and unleash your creativity today.

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