6 Awesome Functional Prints for Makers

3D Printers are amazing tools for people in a variety of fields from hobbyist to professional. While you often see people showing off their stunningly detailed model that they designed and printed it is easy to forget that 3D Printers serve another purpose. Prototyping and functional prints are a big benefit of using a tool like a 3D Printer as they allow you to try out your designs before final production and come up with solutions to unique problems that may not be easy to solve. It has been a while since we did our last functional print post, so we decided to do another one showcasing more awesome prints.

Stackable trays

Stackable Game Bits Funnel Tray – Remix

by PandaruExpress – Link
The first print on this list is a simple but very functional print. Many Makers will know the struggle of sorting mixed items such as screws, nuts, and bolts. These stackable trays, originally designed for game bits, can help with sorting out mixed components. Once the sorting is done the little funnel on the tray allows you to easily transfer the components to a more permanent location. A great print for any Maker who works with lots of smaller parts.

box showing assorted hex bits

Hex Bit Storage Box for 1/4″ Hex Bits

by 3Dizain – Link
Hex bits are great tools for Makers as it allows us to change the compatibility of a tool which means one tool can perform the function of many. The downside is that these attachments can quickly build up in numbers and start to disappear if not stored properly. This Hex Bit Storage box provides up to 32 slots to safely and neatly store a wide range of hex bits in one location. A print that is Ideal if you have multiple sets of Hex bits.

keys shown in the 3d printed organiser

Minimalist Key Organizer

by revere521 – Link
Keys are a part of life, whether it is car keys, lock keys, door keys, or safe keys. If you are in charge of running a business, then this collection of keys can really get out of hand. This Minimalist Key organizer allows you to organise and store a number of keys in a handy format that makes it much easier to transport in your pocket. Durability is always a question with prints like these, so the creator has been using this print daily for a year without issue.

example of a cable channel

Kablo Kanalı (cable channel)

by yudi1984 – Link
Cables are often the bane of all types of Makers. Having a shiny new piece of tech that comes with another cable that needs to be plugged in and connected to the device. Routing and protecting is vital to extend the life of the cables and ensuring that damaged cables are not a concern for you. This simple but effective cable channel provides a discreet way to protect your cables from damage.

wall full of storage bins

Wall Storage Bins

by ThatRobotGuy – Link
Makers come up with all kinds of creative storage solutions as all Makers know the importance of good storage. This Wall Storage Bin provides an incredibly useful storage device that is quick to print and strikes a good balance between visually appealing and functionality. These bins are designed to be standalone devices with more printed as needed. So, whether you are looking at storing small bolts or even your car keys these bins a great storage option.

3D printed latch on gate

Sliding Door bolt Print fully assembled

by Sagittario – Link
Security is important in everyday life whether it is locking your door, car, or even securing your 3D Printer enclosure. This Sliding Door Bolt is a great option for securing things that don’t require a metal lock like a 3D Printer enclosure to keep your children from getting near that hotend. While it may not be as durable or sturdy as a metal lock it can be a great temporary solution while a proper replacement is obtained.

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