10 Quick and Functional 3D Prints

3D Printing is an amazing tool for Makers and businesses across the world. It has, and will likely continue to, cause disruption in various industries. This is because 3D Printing is not just for printing intricate figurines, toys, and other similar models, as some people may think. 3D Printing is a powerful tool for prototyping and creating functional prints that can solve temporary, short-term, and long-term problems. It allows people to quickly react to unexpected problems.

In this post, we will be looking at 10 quick and functional 3D Prints that we have found. We avoided using the most popular models from sites such as Thingiverse in order to provide a better variety of prints. We selected prints that can be completed in a couple of hours but due to the nature of 3D Printing and the variety of machines available, print time may vary. So now its time to dive into our list of 10 quick and functional 3D prints.

Quick and functional 3D printed hex nut jig

Metric Screw Hex Nut Jig

Thing:4657385 By HDRI
Image Source: HDRI

You have just completed your latest project but have ended up with a few loose screws and nuts. Instead of just throwing them in a tub why not sort them into their respective sizes? The Metric Hex Nut Jig by HDRI helps you sort all your loose screws and nuts. So no matter if you have a few loose screws and nuts or a whole container this print can help you get your Maker space organised and ready for your next project.

Quick and functional 3D printed bookmark

Tree Origin – Bookmark

Thing:16965 By bpormentilla
Image Source: bpormantilla

This print is for all the avid readers out there. This simple yet elegant bookmark was designed by bpormantilla as an alternative to using Post-it notes or other items as a bookmark. The top is designed to look like a tree in an abstract way with bpormantilla describing it as “Seemingly organic in its shape, the geometry is actually quite symmetrical. The disparate nature of its design is what makes the idea work.” So print yourself one of these elegant bookmarks and never lose your place while reading.

Quick and functional 3D printed filament cleaner

Universal Filament Filter and Lubricator

Thing:492067 by CreativeTools
Image Source: CreativeTools

The universal Filament Filter and Lubricator is designed to keep your filament clean and lubricated during printing. It prevents dust from reaching the hotend and possibly causing clogs and poor print quality. Lubricating the filament can help reduce strain on the extruder, especially if the filament travels through a long tube. CreativeTools recommends using ordinary household mineral oil as a lubricant. So add a bit of sponge, a few drops of lubricant, and you will be getting the best out of your filament.

Quick and functional 3D printed M8 hex nuts

Printable standard M8 Hex nuts and washers

Thing:27769 by obijuan
Image Source: obijuan

We have seen a print for sorting loose screws and nuts but how about printing your own nuts and washers. The Printable standard M8 Hex nuts and washers from obijuan are a remix of the designs from TrevM. You can use the M8 hex nuts and washers when building your Prusa 3D Printer for a true open source project. So next time you are short a few M8 nuts maybe try printing your own. Note that if you require a different size nut then check the OpenSCAD file from TrevM.

Quick and functional 3D printed trigger release

Archery Trigger Release

Thing:2363100 by Mind_scraper
Image Source: Mind_scraper

When doing archery a clean arrow release is needed for proper accuracy. A trigger release, like the Archery Trigger Release by Mind_scraper, provides a variety of benefits. Trigger releases come in various forms and designs, and they are often used by compound archers to help ensure accurate and consistent shots. As these parts will be subjected to high-stress levels it is a good idea to carry a few spares as well as print them in stronger materials such as ABS.

Quick and functional 3D printed signs

Small vegetable and fruit signs

Thing:1710810 by LxO
Image Source: LxO

Are you looking to start growing your own vegetable or fruit garden? Well, these small vegetable and fruit signs from LxO will help you keep track of the different types you have planted. LxO designed the signs after planting a few seeds during Spring and then not being able to find signs for them. So if you keep mixing up your vegetable or fruit seedlings then this is the print for you. You could also scale up the designs if you need bigger signs.

Quick and functional 3D printed book end

Book End

Thing:2378864 by mistertech
Image Source: mistertech

Are you tired of having your books fall over on your shelves? This is the exact issue creator mistertech had. This led them to design a simple yet effective bookend to keep their books in place. All you have to do is slide the print under the book at the end and your books will be kept neat and upright. If the original size is too big then it can be scaled down as needed. So keep your shelves organised with this quick print.

Quick and functional 3D printed maze

3D/2D Maze Generator (Blender/Python Script) for 3D Printers and Laser Cutters

Thing:738092 by nimaid
Image Source: nimaid

Puzzles are a great way to get you thinking outside the box. they also help improve short-term memory and can be a good way to unwind after a busy day. The 3D/2D maze generator by nimaid allows you to make your own mazes to challenge your brain. Nimaid made the generator after making a couple of games in HTML 5/Javascript and C, as they wanted something tangible. So if you are looking to put your brain to the test why not give these mazes a go or maybe make your own.

Quick and functional 3D printed whistle

v30 (v29) Whistle – Compact Edition

Thing:3431758 by LMF5000
Image Source: Scowly86

Going hiking or adventuring outdoors is fun but in times of crisis you need to be heard. The V30 compact edition whistle will do just that, being able to reach very high volume while remaining compact and portable. The V30 is a remix of the V29, a whistle by jzisa, that can reach 118db. LMF5000 designed the V30 to be just as loud, more compact, and to use fewer resources. Remember the international distress signal with a whistle is 3 long blasts. Note that this whistle can possibly damage your hearing due to the high volume it can reach.

Quick and functional 3D printed keycaps

KeyV2: Parametric Mechanical Keycap Library

Thing:2783650 by rsheldiii
Image Source: rsheldiii

Are you tired of your current keycaps? Do you need to replace a broken keycap but can’t find a replacement? Well, the KeyV2 by rsheldiii might be just what you need. The KeyV2 is a keycap generation library designed to be easy to use and highly configurable. So no matter if you are looking for a pre-made design or want to make a custom keycap, this keycap library has you covered. Due to the intricate design of the keycaps, it may take a few attempts to perfect.

Final Thoughts:

We know we have just scratched the surface of quick and functional prints as 3D Printing provides nearly limitless possibilities for makers. If you have a quick and functional 3D Print that you think is really cool please tell us in the comments below. if you found this post interesting or helpful please consider sharing it on social media. We are working hard to improve our blog and provide exciting and interesting posts, so if you are looking for similar posts to this check out the rest of our blog. To keep up to date on everything DIYElectronics related such as new products, projects, and Maker news, check out our social media. FacebookInstagramTikTokTwitter and website.

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