Top 5 Display Modules for Makers

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Displays have come a long way since the first commercially made electronic television sets manufactured by Telefunken in 1934. Nowadays displays are everywhere with many people carrying a mobile phone with some kind of display in their pocket. Displays are such an important part of everyday life whether it is in the corporate world or even the Maker world. This is why we will be discussing 5 awesome display modules for different Makers.

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1.28 Inch Round LCD Display Module

Where most displays are rectangular this display module stands out by being round. This makes it perfect for wearable projects or even making your own smartwatch. The display features a 240 x 240 resolution with 65K RGB colours. This means that the display can handle a wide range of imagery and even videos to some extent. Compatibility with Raspberry Pi and Arduino controller boards make this display very accessible thanks to the wide library of open resources. If you are turning this display into a smart device, then you will be happy to know it is compatible with a variety of sensors and other modules. When paired with the right parts, such as a DFRobot Arduino Beetle, you can make some truly incredible wearable projects.

BigTreeTech TFT35 V3.0 Dual Mode Display

Sometimes 3D Printers don’t always come with the fanciest display which can limit the functionality of the printer a bit. A popular solution to this problem is to switch out the display for something fancier such as the BigTreeTech TFT35 V3.0 display. BigTreeTech have become a well-known name In the world of 3D Printing and this screen showcases why. The unique panel offers a high quality 480 x 320 TFT display and some really cool features. The display allows you to choose between 2 different modes, Marlin and BTT interface, accommodating a wider range of 3D Printers. To accommodate the older 3D Printers there is a rotary encoder attached to the screen. While in BTT mode the display becomes fully touchscreen with a colourful interface. To make it as easy as possible to setup this display there is an information packed Github page so you can be up and running as quickly.

7 Inch HDMI IPS LCD for Raspberry Pi

The next display on our list is an amazing asset for any fans of Raspberry Pi. This display takes a step up in size at 7 inch and features a 1024 x 600 resolution. It supports a wide range of Raspberry Pi boards including the Pi B, Pi A+, Pi B+, Pi 2 Model B, and Pi Model 3 B. Another awesome feature of this screen is the capacitive touch which allows for a wide range of projects such as a tablet style computer or other interactive projects. Displays can also be very fragile which can cause issues for Makers so to help extend the life of the screen this display comes with a acrylic case which includes a mounting point for your Pi and also a screen protector to prevent annoying scratches. When combined this all results in a great display package that can help you get the most out of your Raspberry Pi.

7.5 Inch E-ink Display Hat for Raspberry Pi

If you have ever seen an eBook reader such as a Kindle you will have experienced the awesome E-ink type display. This 7.5 inch E-Ink display is very similar and allows you to create a variety of awesome projects. The display has a resolution of 640 x 384 and is very low power compared to the other monitors on this list. E-Ink displays only require power when changing the static image that is being displayed and can maintain a persistent display even when the power is cut. This is achieved by utilizing pockets of “ink” that are either pulled towards the surface of the screen or pushed to the back. This can be used to create some unique projects such as a custom eBook reader, a digital clock that shows the hour and minutes, and more.

15.6 Inch HDMI IPS LCD with Capacitive Touch

The final display on this list is also the largest on the list. This is the 15.6 Inch HDMI IPS LCD that also has capacitive touch. This display has everything you need to get the most out of your electronics or projects. The display has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and powerful touch system that allows up to 10 points of contact simultaneously. Housed in an elegant case with a protective glass cover to avoid damage and scratches this display also includes a built-in 10000mAh battery allowing for a far more portable setup. Interfacing is done with an HDMI port or USB Type-C port. Audio is played through built-in speakers or through an external source using the 3.5mm audio jack. Powering this display when not using the battery is done with USB Type-C and if you would prefer not to use touchscreen then there isa USB-A port for connecting peripherals to make using the display easier. When you put all these awesome features together you get a display that is not only a powerful assets for Makers but also an incredibly versatile monitor for ever day computer use.

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