Top 5 D&D 3D Prints for Adventurers

3D Printing is an amazing tool that often allows you to better pursue your hobbies such as modifying your car, designing things to solve common problems, and even creating awesome models for you next Dungeons and Dragons session. At DIYElectronics our copywriter, Cara, is a big fan of D&D and has printed various miniatures using the office CR-20 Pro and Ender 2 Pro. This has inspired us to create a list of miniature models to help you get started on a new adventure.

FDM vs Resin

Before we get started it is important to discuss what type of 3D Printer to sue when printing miniatures. It is well known that FDM printers are great for printing bigger models in a variety of materials. The drawback is that it can be harder to printer highly detailed smaller models such as miniatures. Resin printing focuses on highly detailed prints with exceptionally smooth finished. The drawback of resin printing is the cost of the resin and the amount of post-processing required.

This means resin is ideal for printing miniatures due to the ability to print very small models with incredibly amounts of detail. Resin printing does come with a rather steep learning curve compared to FDM printers. FDM printers should not be forgotten as with a bit of testing and slicer adjusting it is possible to get very good results even with a stock printer.

player character set or D&D

1. Player Character Pack 03

Model and photo by Valandar – Download

When getting started with your adventure you need a character and that is exactly what this collection of models will help you with. This pack contains character models of various races and classes. What we love about this pack is it includes some more uncommon races such as lizard, catfolk, tortle, and even the unique pastafarian. As you may have seen this is character pack 3 so if you cannot find the perfect character then be sure to check out Pack 01 and Pack 02. If you still don’t find the perfect match, then maybe the wonderful designs will provide some inspiration for your next character.

Interlocking dungeon set for D&D

2. INSTADUNGEON™ Starter Set

Model and photo by Big Dumb Fun Games – Download

Now that you have your character it is time to set off on an adventure, preferably with some friends. This dungeon set is the perfect model to print for your next dungeon exploration and contains a variety of pieces and premade rooms for you to work your way through. It has been designed in such a way that you can add to it while playing for an ever-evolving dungeon that will keep adventurers on their toes. Plenty of passion has been put into this set with everything from the ground clutter to the way the pieces connect having been given plenty of thought. This free set works with other sets from the Instadungeon that you may have purchased.

Tabletop RPG miniature of an orc

3. The Orc Horde

Model and photo by Valandar – Download

Where there is a dungeon there will be enemies which is the next part of our list. This orc horde pack is the perfect way to populate your dungeon thanks to the variety of models included. The horde includes classes such as swordsmen, archer, spearman, unit commander, shaman, and finally the big boss. This means that you can create a well-rounded dungeon with a variety of units in different configurations. The big boss makes for the perfect unit to guard the treasure and serve as a final battle for your dungeon.

miniature loot models for 3d printing

4. Fantasy Loot Markers (15mm scale)

Model and photo by dutchmogul – Download 1Download 2

So you have beaten the boss and it’s time to see what loot you have acquired. These 2 sets of fantasy loot are just what you need to encourage your adventurers to keep going. With models ranging from premade chests, crates, barrels, and piles of gold you have a variety of models to choose from. Gold piles make it clear the loot will be coin for the purse. Using a crate or chest allows you to keep the loot a mystery and maybe even allow you to add in a sneaky trap. Who knows what those dusty contains will hold.

3d printed tavern for D&D

5. 28mm tavern

Model and photo by Mr_Bot5 – Download

Now the dungeon has been explored, the orcs killed, and loot gathered, but something is missing. A tavern is a staple in many tabletop RPG games so why not print your own tavern so adventurers have a place to rest their legs. This set contains a wide range of pieces that will allow you to make a tavern that can be expanded depending on your needs. The accessories are freestanding and can be positioned in whatever configuration you want. To make the tavern more unique you can add other models you like for a more personal tavern appearance.

If you gave some of the models a try, then we would love to see the results so consider sharing your prints on social media or on our communities. Otherwise if you enjoyed the post or know someone who would enjoy it then please consider sharing it. Check out the rest of our blog for other interesting topics and posts. Join the DIY Community Discord or Forum and keep up to date with all things DIYElectronics by checking out our social media, FacebookInstagramTikTok, and Twitter. If you want to check out our store, click this link.

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