6 Prints to Try in 2024

Hey Makers! It’s a new year and plenty new possible projects await. With holidays coming to an end, talented creators have started uploading 3D models they have designed over the festive season. To match the start of a new year, we found 6 awesome prints that were uploaded in 2024.

Click Counter

By Djodjoke – Download

Keeping track of things is important, whether it is the number of fish in an aquarium or the number of boxes on a shelf. This useful little click counter helps you keep track of the running total as you go. If counting things is something you do often and you want to avoid losing count, then why not give this a try? Lots of thought has gone into this design with an anti-return system, no supports needed, and only 7 parts required.

Lioness Poseable Toy

By Printed Bits – Download

South Africa has amazing wildlife, and if you were to ask people what they think of when they hear South Africa, they will likely say one of the big 5. The lion and lioness are truly amazing animals. The sight of them can take your breath away, even as a local. When we saw this poseable lioness model on Printables we knew we had to feature it. It is clear to see the love that has gone into this model with the detail and amount of articulation. While the initial model was uploaded in December each part has been updated with a new version in January, which we feel earns it a spot on this list. A mane update is also being worked on.

Jewellery Box With Multiple Compartments

By ExtrutimDownload

This simple, yet elegant, jewellery box is a great print for those who love to keep things organised. There are multiple compartments, and it can be stacked as needed. Makers can also make use of this storage system for small parts when working on a project that requires portable compartmentalised storage. Being stackable means you can print multiple in a variety of colours or keep it elegant with a single colour.

The Pioneer Puzzle / Wonder Block

By Depep1 – Download

This model is based on the Pioneer Puzzle, also sometimes called The Wonder Block, which is a 9 miniature furniture piece puzzle. The use of miniature furniture as pieces makes this a more unique puzzle compared to most of the blocky puzzles you will find on 3D file sites. That makes the puzzle really stand out and turns it into the perfect conversation starter, family challenge, or even as a gift for that puzzle loving friend or family member.

Optical Illusion Donut 1

By Clod Stomper Productions – Download

This optical illusion print is part of a collection recently uploaded by Clod Stomper Productions. It is the simplest model on this list, but that doesn’t make it any less interesting and fun. Optical illusions are designed to trick our minds and come in various styles. This model is a perfect addition on a wall or desk for a unique bit of art. It’s simple to print, and with a bit of knowledge can be printed in multiple colours or painted afterwards. We encourage you to check out the rest of the optical illusions by Clod Stomper Productions.

Wine holder

By Ivan Villamizar – Download

This model is more for the older Makers out there. Most people who enjoy an occasional bit of alcohol have a bottle they want to show off, and this holder is a great way to do just that. A beautiful horse head with the mane partially wrapping around the bottle results in a great talking point and show-piece to go along with the bottle it is holding. Keep in mind that this model might require extra infill or added weight depending on the weight of the bottle you have. You can also take this model to the next level with a bit of painting.

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