5 Useful 3D Printed Tools for Makers

3D Printing is more than just printing a pretty statue or cool articulating model. Being able to 3D Print can help you get out of frustrating situations with a simple or complex print. Another benefit is the ability to print specific tools that you require for whatever project you are working on at the time. This is what makes the Maker and open-source community so amazing, the dedication to creating useful prints and sharing them with other Makers so they can benefit as well. In this quick blog post we have gathered 5 useful printed tools that various makers can enjoy.

3D printed fixed torque wrench tools

Fixed Torque Wrench Handles from 0.5Nm to 6Nm

By A_R_B – Download (Photo by A_R_B)
Low torque tools are necessary for many applications, such as electronics connections, attachment points on robotic devices, and even parts on a 3D Printer. The issue with common torque wrenches is they only reliably work at higher levels than required by such projects. This fixed torque wrench handle not only saves you money but allows you to use common inserts with a low, fixed torque. The larger diameter and thicker fins help make this a more robust tool than some of the other versions you may see on sites such as Thingiverse. To ensure as many people can enjoy the tool as possible you can place the insert in the bottom in order to use it left-handed.

3D printed clamp

G-Clamp Fully Printable

By johann517 – Download (Photo by johann517)
This G-clamp has been on Thingiverse for a few years and many makers will likely have heard of it but if you haven’t then it is definitely something you should check out. It is a fairly simple but versatile print. Being able to clamp together printed parts or model parts so that glue can properly dry is a huge benefit for Makers. It means your hands are free to continue making. The small size makes it useful for places that larger clamps won’t easily fit. As a testament to the popularity of the design there are numerous remixes that use either the entire design or parts of it in many unique ways. If the original clamp size is too small there is a 1cm longer version you can download that uses the same screw as the original.

mini sander with sand paper equipped

Mini Sanding Block

By JustIgnorant – Download (Photo by JustIgnorant)
The seemingly simple mini sanding block print is actually a very useful tool for any Makers arsenal. Having a sanding block on hand means it is easier to clean up a completed print or prepare a model for painting. The small form factor means you have more control over the area you are sanding and can reach harder to access areas. It is not just 3D Prints that the sanding block can work with but also pieces of wood. This makes it a great little tool to use if you are also into a bit of woodworking. There are also a few very useful remixes if you are looking for wider or narrower sanding blocks.

wire stripper tool with partially cut wire

Wire Stripper

By dragon1020 – Download (Photo by ethzero)
If you are into electronics, then you will have spent a fair amount of time dealing with various types of wire. Some wires may need to have a bit of their protective sleeve stripped off to get better connections. This can lead to frustration especially with the thinner wires where the risk of cutting right through the wire is very high. This wire stripper print offers a simple solution to the frustrations of wire stripping thinner wires. like the ones found on servo motors, by using a piece from a utility blade and specially sized grooves. Even if you have a store-bought tool this is a great little printed tool to keep close at hand.

3D printed mini palette

Petite Paint Palette

By MerganMcFergan – Download (Photo by MerganMcFergan)
This is a more unique tool and something that any Maker who prints and paints miniatures or models will not want to miss. Painting miniatures is a very time-consuming hobby that requires you to have access to various different colour paints. This means you always need a palette unless you enjoy the rainbow hand look from mixing paint on your fingers or wrist. The petite paint palette is a wonderful little tool that is designed to shorten the distance between paint and held item. This saves time and provides an incredibly convenient surface to mix paint on. If you are left handed you won’t be missing out as there is a left hand model available for download.

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