Top 8 Community Print Recommendations

We know what you are thinking, not another list of top 3D Prints! We understand it is easy to go onto a site such as Thingiverse, sort by popularity, and pick the first 8 designs that appear. You will be happy to hear this is not one of those posts. Instead of the DIY Team recommending the prints we decided to take recommendations from passionate members of our Communities.  The result is a list made up almost entirely of functional prints that many other Makers may find useful.

Image of 3D Printed hex key handles

T Handle by Kezat

Suggested by: Sevineshan

Are you tired of struggling to get a decent hold on your hex keys? Then look no further than this set of prints. These simple but functional T-handle prints are designed to be compatible with hex keys. They allow you to convert the hex key from a one-sided handle to a larger, comfortable, and more functional T-shaped handle. To make installation easier they do not require glue, screw, zip ties, or any other adhesion aids.

Image of Munchkin board game box

3D Printable Munchkin Deluxe travel box by Joshua Dennis

Suggested by: Chucka

If your Munchkin Travel box is not compact enough for your liking, then this print might be exactly what you need. While the Munchkin Deluxe Travel Box is designed to be portable the size still left something to be desired for some lovers of the game. This print is not only smaller than the original but also has enough room for expansions.

Image of R2-D2 extruder knob

3D Printable R2D2 Extruder Knob by Camilo

Suggested by: Raspberry

Show your love for the Star Wars franchise on May the 4th with a fun little 3D Printer mod. Let’s face it, it’s hard to not love the little astromech droid called R2-D2 (or Artoo-Detoo) whether he was saving the day, causing chaos, or apparently offending his friend C-3PO. R2-D2’s rotating head is such a common action in the films that it just makes sense that it would be adapted to fit on the extruder gear knob of a 3D Printer.

Image of 3D Printed TPU cable ties

Reusable TPU cable tie (2 sizes) by Festina3D

Suggested by: P.J.Prinsloo (Crazypeach)

Have you ever reached into your toolbox and realised that you have run out of cable ties? Well, that is another problem that can be solved with a 3D Printer and some TPU or TPE filament. 2 different size cables are included for a wider variety of applications. So, while these may not be as durable as mass produced cable ties the fact, they are reusable and can be printed at home make them great in a pinch.

Image of desk organiser

Tabletop organizer by mishkin2

Suggested by: Methias

As Makers, we know it is incredibly easy to start working on a project and by the end of it your desk looks like a hurricane tore through. This is a problem many Makers have tried to help solve. The Tabletop organizer is just one of many such models on the internet but what makes it stand out is the ergonomic design, versatility, and robust design. So next time you think your desk needs to be organised maybe give this a try.

Image of LED light bridge/arc

Simple LED light Bridge/Arc (Easy Print) by ChrisF3D

Download (Image by Delranon)
Suggested by: Shadrack

This print combines the wonderful worlds of 3D Printing and electronics to help light up your house… Well, your desk at least. So if you find your desk to be dim or that the video you filmed on your desk had poor lighting then the LED light bridge might be the perfect solution. It is designed to be a simple print with no supports and features a 12mm wide channel for increased compatibility with various LED strips. The LED light bridge aims to improve lighting and remove shadows that are created by other items on your desk.

Image of PCB workstation

PCB Workstation XL with Articulated Arms by giufini

Suggested by: Shadrack

Working with a PCB can be an incredibly intricate process requiring steady hands, patience, and a variety of tools/equipment. The PCB Workstation XL is one of the most versatile 3D Printed stations we have seen to date and even includes articulating arms. Not only does it provide a sturdy base for mounting the PCB, but it also features 24 custom sockets for mounting the articulating arms directly to the base. If you work with PCBs then it might be worth giving this set of prints a look.

Image of Small Lead bender device

Small lead bender by kurosuke7

Suggested by: simoneslatnpou

The small lead bender is the simplest print on the list, but it has a unique function. As any Maker will know working with electronics can mean working with small, and often delicate components. The small lead bender is design to be a time saving device that allows you to bend the leads of various electronics in a way that protects the component and ensure consistency. While this function may seem incredibly simple when you are potentially dealing hundreds of components it can provide a huge benefit.

If you found this list of community recommended prints useful and want to see more then please join our communities and meet the wonderful members who made the recommendations. Check out the rest of our blog for other interesting topics and posts. Keep up to date with all things DIYElectronics by checking out our social media, FacebookInstagramTikTok, and Twitter. If you want to check out our store, click this link.

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