To Infinite-Z and Beyond with the CR-30

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Creality keeps releasing new products that impress. With their latest release, they worked with Naomi Wu and other key figures in the belt 3D Printing industry to produce a machine that stands out from the rest of the Creality range. We are of course talking about the exciting new 3D Print Mill, officially called the CR-30, the belt 3D Printer with the infinite Z-Axis. So, let’s take a look at what the CR-30 has to offer.

With the CR-30 it’s time to take everything you know about 3D Printing and turn it on its head, or more accurately, rotate it 45 degrees and add a belt. The Creality CR-30 also called the 3D Print Mill, is the result of a collaboration between Naomi Wu, Creality, and key figures in the belt 3D Printing industry, Bill Steele and Karl Brown. Naomi Wu is well-known in the Creality community and has assisted them with the development of various 3D Printers. The CR-30 is Naomi’s pet project with her playing a major role in its development and constantly listening to feedback. Using Kickstarter, as they did for the CR-6 SE, allowed Naomi and Creality to gain valuable information from earlier versions of the CR-30 which helped when refining the final production model.

The Exciting CR-30 3D Print Mill

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When you first set eyes on the CR-30 it is hard not to notice the unusual CoreXY design which is part of what makes it so interesting as it is not often you see a triangular 3D Printer. the reason for this shape is due to the X and Y-Axis being rotated 45 degrees resulting in the bed becoming the Z-Axis. As the bed is a moving belt the Z-Axis is therefore theoretically infinite with limiting factors being things like room space, file size, and amount of filament. To give you an idea of just how infinite the Z-Axis can be, Karl Brown of NAK 3D was able to print a continuous 6-meter-long rail on his pre-production CR-30. With an infinite axis comes even more exciting functionality, not just for hobbyists but for industrial projects.

If you are a fan of video games, cosplay, or just large prints in general then the CR-30 might be right up your alley. Printing accessories such as a full-sized Thundercats Sword of Omens can be done in a single go, rather than splitting it into many small parts, allowing you to take your cosplay to the next level. Being able to print awesome props is not the only area where the CR-30 excels as it can also be a workhorse for large quantities of parts or prototypes. Being able to continuously print high-quality parts without a failed print messing up the entire batch is a huge benefit for many Makers. It can even be beneficial in the workplace, allowing for in-house prototyping rather than having to go to external companies.

Additional Features

Achieving these incredible prints would not be possible without a few extra features and thankfully Creality has noticed. As mentioned before one of the limiting factors of the CR-30 is the amount of filament as big prints can require plenty of plastic. To help you avoid failures due to lack of filament the CR-30 is equipped with a filament runout sensor. It is strategically placed to ensure that the filament runs directly into the extruder with enough space to switch filament with ease. If you are worried about power outages, then we are happy to say the CR-30 features a print resume function to avoid power loss failures. While large prints sometimes mean hours of noise the CR-30 is equipped with a silent motherboard giving you the benefit of TMC2208 silent stepper motor drivers to limit the noise as much as possible. All this is packaged in an incredibly solid CoreXY structure to prevent vibration and flexing from having a negative impact on your prints.

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