Our Top 5 Underrated Products

It doesn’t matter how old you are or if you are a Maker or not, there are products you use that you swear by no matter how many people disagree. These products are often not the most popular but the success you have experienced with them makes you recommend them when the opportunity arises. The Maker community is no different and different brands of 3D Printers and electronics have their passionate fan bases.

Due to stocking such a wide range of products from various brands, it is easy for some exciting products to not get the recognition they deserve. Creating a comprehensive list of all the exciting products that we would like to showcase would take far too long. So, we have gathered a couple of underrated products from both the 3D Printing and electronics categories that we feel Makers should check out.


Magigoo adhesion aid product

In 3D Printing the first layer is one of, if not the most, important part of printing. Getting that perfect squish factor and first layer adhesion can mean the difference between the perfect print and a pile of spaghetti. With such a wide range of 3D Printers and build surfaces available there is often a material to suit the type of filament you plan on printing. While some makers prefer keeping various build surface types and swapping them as needed there are other Makers who stick to a single build material.

Magigoo is an adhesion aid that aims to allow the makers with a single build surface to get that perfect first layer adhesion no matter the filament type. It offers a variety of benefits over other adhesion aids such as being odourless, non-toxic, having an easy application tip, and is compatible with a wide variety of filaments. If you use a specific type of filament and want an adhesion aid design for that filament then the Magigoos Pro range might be just what you need.

Gravity: Beginner Project Pack For Arduino

Gravity kit for Arduino

Arduino has become a huge part of the Maker community thanks to the open-source nature of the products and brand itself. Arduino has helped Makers of all ages and experience levels start their journey into the exciting world of electronics. Being such a popular board and with open-source being a big part of the products there is an incredibly vast range of modules and sensors available. You will often find premade kits ranging from basic to advanced that include a mix of sensors and modules to help you get started.

The Gravity: Beginner Project Pack may seem like just another Arduino kit but there is more to it than the name suggests. It not only offers a microcontroller but a range of sensors and modules such as motion, tilt, and sound. The included Arduino board is a specialised DFRduino Uno R3 which is fully compatible with the Arduino IDE software. The sensors and modules are designed to be plug and play, making the pack incredibly beginner-friendly. To help you get started DFRobot has created a series of lessons to walk you through some unique starter projects.

In a market full of kits claiming to be beginner-friendly, it is easy to get overwhelmed with options. We feel the Gravity: Beginner Project Pack is a great way to introduce young makers to the exciting world of electronics and Arduino.

RGB LED Matrix Panel

LED matrix panel product

LEDs are a large part of getting started with electronics, from the classic through-hole LED to the advanced RGBW LED strips and beyond. One of the types of LED that we often take for granted is LED panels. Next time you are driving past a section of road works you will likely see a message displayed on an LED panel, even buses have LED panels that display the next stop. These seemingly simple products have become a large part of the everyday workings of companies across the world.

RGB LED Matrix Panels come in a variety of sizes and the RGB LEDs provide near limitless colour customisation. They are incredibly versatile and are perfect for permanent or semi-permanent projects. If one panel is not enough then connect another as the panels support cascading so you can make a panel that meets your requirements.

So next time you plan on making a panel to showcase your YouTube subscriber number, display tweets, or plan to make an interactive hourglass be sure to check out these awesome LED Matrix Panels.

Monocure ResinAway – 3D Resin Cleaner

ResinAway for cleaning resin prints top product

Any Maker who has dabbled in resin 3D Printing knows it is a messy but rewarding hobby with resin often finding ways to get on everything. Keeping your work area clean is especially important when dealing with resin due to its hazardous nature. So companies have started developing products, such as the Wham Bam Slap Mat and Creality Ultrasonic Cleaner, designed to contain or remove any excess or spilt resin. Monocure, who are well known for their range of 3D Printer resin, has now released a new product designed to clean off any excess resin.

ResinAway is a 3D resin cleaner designed to be an alternative to the more common and potentially hazardous cleaning chemicals. Designed with a water-soluble base makes it safer and easier to use compared to solutions such as IPA. Due to the water-soluble base, models cleaned with ResinAway don’t get as dehydrated during cleaning resulting in fewer faults in the final product. it is also more efficient than IPA at stripping off excess resin which means less time spent cleaning and more time spent making.

Wireless Charging Modules

Wireless charging modules

Wireless charging is becoming a popular way to charge modern devices such as smartphones and smartwatches. The technology to wirelessly power or charge your devices is still relatively new, and while it is convenient it may not be the most efficient. Next time you wirelessly charge a device think of the amazing potential of the technology, then think about the potential wireless charging can provide for your projects. Wireless charging is now available to makers thanks to the Wireless Charging Modules.

These wireless charging modules are a simple alternative to the standard cables that charge your projects. Using wireless charging can lead to some really interesting projects or you can even update an existing product to charge wirelessly. Projects such as a wireless charging lamp base that has different LED modules that you can switch to fit your mood can now be a reality. To cater to all Makers there are a variety of wireless charging modules for you to choose from.

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