Light up the world with NewStar LED Strips

LED strips are a wonderful part of hobbyist electronics and provide nearly endless project possibilities. They are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and types, from the tiny SMD0402 LED to the large 10MM through-hole LED and beyond. This means that no matter what skill level you are or what project you are planning there will likely be an LED to suit your needs.

A common question our support team gets asked is when we will be getting in more LED strips, and we are happy to announce we have found an exciting new supplier. NewStar LED has been in the LED industry for 10 years with a focus on LED floodlights, high bay lights, LED street lights, LED panels, and LED strips. They supply LEDs to various countries and focus on providing high-quality products with perfect service.  

Now that you know the supplier, allow us to introduce the new LED strips now in stock at DIYElectronics. The range includes vibrant standard LED strips, neon-like COB LED strips, and highly customisable NeoPixel LED strips.  

STANDARD LED STRIPS (2835, 3528, 5050): 

Standard LED strips

Standard LED strips are often low-cost, single colour strips. The NewStar LED standard range we stock consists of 2835, 3528, and 5050.  

SMD2835 LEDs make use of newer technology that allows for low power consumption and high brightness. They are growing in popularity as they are smaller than the 3528 but for the equivalent power, they can be much brighter. The combination of low power consumption and high brightness makes the 2835 ideal for decorative lighting and energy-sensitive lighting projects.  

SMD3528 LEDs are some of the most common LED strips available. They are often the most affordable and reliable LED strips available. This makes the SMD3528 a very accessible LED strip and a go-to for many Makers. So, if you are looking to add some accent lighting to your next project or maybe give your PC case an extra bit of flair then the 3528 is just what you need. 

SMD5050 LEDs are a bit different from the other 2 standard LED strips. Rather than being a single colour, they are addressable RGB, and RGBW strips. When paired with a microcontroller or LED strip controller you can select whatever colour you desire. They are also quite large with the SMD being 5mm x 5mm and provide approximately three times the brightness of the 3528. This makes the 5050 more suited for functional lighting applications such as mood or ambient lighting.  

Operating Voltage: 12V DC 
LED Colours: Natural White, Warm White, Pure White
LED Density: 60/Meter 
CRI Rating: >90Ra 
Rated Power: 12W/Meter 

Operating Voltage: 12V DC 
LED Colour: Red, Green, Blue
LED Density: 60/Meter
CRI Rating: 80Ra 
Rated Power: ±4.8W/Meter 

Operating Voltage: 12V DC 
LED Colour: RGB, RGBW 
LED Density: 60/Meter
Rated Power: 14.4W/Meter (RGB), 19.2W/Meter (RGBW)


COB LED strip

If you are looking to add some neon to your life then be sure to check out the COB LED range. COB stands for Chip on Board and they provide consistent linear light without any dark areas you may encounter with standard LED strips. This is achieved by having a density of 480 LEDs per meter and a soft diffuser to ensure a uniform colour along the entire strip. If colour consistency is a worry for you then fear not as the COB LEDs have a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of >90Ra for high colour accuracy. Due to the design of the COB LEDs, there is a wide range of applications such as accent lighting, custom neon signs, and lighting for shelves just to name a few. 

Operating Voltage: 12V DC 
LED Colour: Natural White, Warm White, Pure White, Red, Green, Blue 
CRI Rating: >90Ra 
Rated Power: 10 – 12W/Meter 

NEOPIXEL LED STRIPS (2812, 2815, 6812): 

Addressable LED strips

WS2812B is one of the addressable NeoPixel LED strips now in stock and is an updated version of the original WS2812 LED. The WS2812B has a control circuit and RGB chip integrated into a 5050 LED package that allows the LED strip to be addressable and programmable. This means you have access to all the RGB colours you could ever want and using one of the compatible controllers makes it even easier.

WS2815B may seem like only a few numbers higher than the WS2812B but it does include some changes and is considered a combination of WS2813 and WS2812 LED strips. You can expect the same great features you get with the WS2812B but also the benefit of dual-signal cables. This means that if one LED fails the rest of the strip will continue to work. The WS2815B also has an operating voltage of 12V compared to the 5V of the WS2812 which results in decreased voltage drop-off.  

If you like what addressable RGB LED strips have to offer then you will definitely like RGBW. SK6812 provides addressable RGBW LEDs which means you not only get Red, Green, Blue but also White. RGB can produce a colour close to white while RGBW allows you to produce proper white, which is useful in a variety of situations. The addition of a dedicated white LED provides extra scope for colour mixing. SK6812 LED strips can be used for all the same applications of RGB LED strips as well as applications that need proper white, like task lighting. 

Operating Voltage: 5V DC  
LED Colour: RGB 
LED Density: 30/Meter, 60/Meter, 96/Meter, 144/Meter 
Rated Power: 9W/Meter (30), 18W/Meter (60), 28.8W/Meter (96), 43.2W/Meter (144) 

Operating Voltage: 12V DC 
LED Colour: RGB 
LED Density: 60/Meter 
Rated Power: 7.2W Per Meter 

Operating Voltage: 5V DC 
LED Colour: RGBW 
LED Density: 30/Meter, 60/Meter, 144/Meter 
Rated Power: 9W/Meter (30), 18W/Meter (60), 43.2W/Meter (144) 


NewStar LED controllers

To complement the new addressable LED strips, we have also got their compatible controllers in stock. And not just one or two but seven controllers, enough for nearly any situation. The range includes IR, RF, Bluetooth, and even an inline dimmer controller. These controllers offer a host of great features such as various preset modes, the ability to make and save your own mode, pair a single remote with up to 3 receivers, and even the ability to control the LEDs with your phone. So, if you want to be able to customise your lighting with just the press of a button be sure to check out the range of compatible controllers.

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