DIYE RaspiBlitz Lightning Node

Completed RaspiBlitz Lightning Node working

Hi DIYers, Damian here with one of my favourite Takeover projects to date. This was so much fun as it involved some cool electronics such as a TFT touch screen display Hat, which needed some code tweaks to get it to work with the RaspiBlitz library. I was super stoked when it eventually lit up! Some fairly custom OS Flashing for the Raspberry Pi was needed as well as some improvements to my limited Secure Shell (SSH) skills.

I know that sentence might confuse some people so let’s first look at what a Bitcoin Node is. A Bitcoin Node is essentially just a storage device with internet access, like a laptop or a PC, that can to store the Bitcoin blockchain while communicating and agreeing to consensus with other Nodes and network participants. These nodes relay information between users, miners, and other Nodes, and synchronise with each other to maintain a high level of security and data fidelity on the network. Running Nodes with spare computing power and bandwidth helps Bitcoin grow, boosts the security of the network, and even gives you voting power to have your say for important network decisions and developments.

This is something I have been meaning to do for ages as I am a cryptocurrency fan and have always wanted to run my own Bitcoin Node in order to play my part in voting on the future direction of Bitcoin. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that this could be done with a Raspberry Pi and couldn’t wait to get started. So I hope you enjoy this project even a tiny bit as much as I did.


These are the tools and products I used to make the Lightning Node.


Luckily there is a very comprehensive guide for this project as this would otherwise fall a little outside my scope of competency. I learnt a lot as this was the first time I managed to get a touch screen set up on my own Raspberry Pi. This project also provides me the options for future added functionality.


As I mentioned before this is my favourite project to date, probably because I have wanted my own Bitcoin Node for some time now. The fact that it is a lightning node is just a bonus. Any project that involves learning about electronics, coding, and has some 3D Printing sprinkled on top is going to be great fun. This little node has tons of functionality that I won’t get into today but I am looking forward to learning how to properly utilise my lightning node now and hopefully I will be able to share some updated progress with everyone at some stage. So keep an eye out for updates!

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