DIY Teams Top 5 3D Prints of 2021

Header image showing our top 5 3D prints of 2021

2022 is a new year with new possibilities and already being a month into the new year we decided to look back at 2021 and choose our Top 5 3D Prints. These prints aren’t necessarily the largest or most complex prints we did but rather the prints that we enjoyed creating. The prints chosen were done by various members of the DIYElectronics team throughout 2021 using various printers and filaments.

3D Printed Chicken Arms

Carmen saw these models while searching Thingiverse and knew immediately that she had to print them. Three sets of arms were selected for printing and Poppy the chicken was chosen to showcase them. Everyone in the office had a good laugh at the results.

Models: T-Rex, Boxer, and Armed
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3D Printed Optical Illusion Cube

Sometimes objects are more than they appear, and this is certainly true for the various optical illusion prints done by Andy in 2021. This cube illusion is our favourite out of all the models we printed. It not only looks amazing but can be a bit of a challenge to print due to the small size of the pillars.

Model: Anamorphic Optical Illusion
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Nozzle Desk Organiser

Tired of a cluttered desk? We certainly were, so we decided to find a desk organiser to help keep our workspaces free of clutter. This desk organiser is not only functional but also allows you to show your passion for 3D Printing.

Model: Desktop Container
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The Mandalorian

Over the past few years many people have been catching up on their favourite TV shows. Jarrid was waiting for the new season of The Mandalorian to release and so to pass the time he printed this awesome model. Taking over 24 hours the result speaks for itself…⁣ ”This is the way”.

Model: The Mandalorian – Star Wars Fanart
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The Elder Wand

For many of us Harry Potter was a big part of our childhood with many iconic locations and objects form the series being turned into 3D objects. Jade spotted this Elder Wand on Thingiverse and knew he had to print and paint it, with the result being a truly stunning display piece.

Model: The Elder Wand
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