Converting a Standard Airsoft MP5 into a Compact CQB Build

header image of completed MP5 CQB build.

Have you ever found yourself in the heat of an airsoft game only to get taken out due to a cumbersome weapon? I have found myself in just such situations before and decided to do something about it.

Howzit going everyone, Kyle here for another Takeover. For this Takeover I will be converting a standard airsoft MP5 into a compact CQB build. I wanted to modify my MP5 into a compact CQB build as having a smaller and more compact rifle makes drawing the rifle up a lot quicker and easier. All the parts I chose were to make the overall rifle more comfortable when I held it while maintaining a smaller build size. The rail that was mounted on the top was so that I could incorporate a red dot sight on to the MP5 instead of using the standard iron sights. The new rail on the front of the rifle allows me to incorporate either a flash light or a laser at a later stage.


Recommended tools and equipment:
M4 nut & bolt
M5 nut & bolt
3D Printer
3D Printer filament
– Heat gun
– Assorted screwdrivers and tools

STL Files


  1. Most pieces can be slid on into place although some require using either M4 or M5 nuts and bolts to secure them.
  2. The top mounted rail needed a bit of heat so that it mounted correctly on to the gun and that it did not come off while playing.
Assembly process
Showcase of fully modified MP5 CQB build
Fully modified MP5 CQB build


My overall thoughts on the upgrades have improved my overall game play and have made carrying the rifle a lot easier and more comfortable. overall durability of the parts has impressed me as they have had a good couple hits to them including being thrown on the floor by accident. If you want to keep up to date with more DIYElectronics Takeovers check out our social media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and website.

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