Convention of Stars

The best thing about being a maker in this age is ease of access to knowledge. We live in a world where information is at our fingertips and people are willing to exchange ideas. A big part of our ethos as a company is to help fellow maker and expand the knowledge base in our community. One of our favourite ways to do this is to get involved in conference and conventions aimed at informing interested individuals of the possibilities of all our products.

Recently the DIY team packed their wires, gadgets, buttons, knobs, wheels, printers, staplers, mugs, dignity and excitement and headed to StarCon, hosted by Hollywood Bets.

There are several things that make a convention a success and StarCon managed to hit the nail on the head. Obviously, our personal favourite part was the Candy Station and craft beer, because who doesn’t want to stuff their face with chewies and marshmallows while looking at some of the latest developments in South African gaming and hobbying.

An important part of any convention is the information we share with each other, StarCon held many talks throughout the day from programming with different data sizes to Game Development to hacking and information security. We believe that as a developer or a maker you should never stop learning and you should always be open to new ideas and a convention such as StarCon is the perfect environment for this.

But don’t think conventions are all about learning, we aren’t in school anymore, we can learn and have fun at the same time and that’s why the gaming tourney, retro gaming, and Oculus rift experience was a great experience of StarCon. Everyone could enjoy themselves while learning something new about gaming and electronics in South Africa.

So, if you missed out on StarCon this time, keep an eye out! There are many conventions throughout the year hosted by a variety of different companies trying to better the community of makers. We will always update our customers and readers on conventions we hear about.