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DIYE RaspiBlitz Lightning Node

Hi DIYers, Damian here with one of my favourite Takeover projects to date. This was so much fun as it involved some cool electronics such as a TFT touch screen display Hat, which needed some code tweaks to get it to work with the RaspiBlitz library. I was super stoked when it eventually lit up! …

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Building your own LED Ring Light

In the maker community you can find a wide variety of makers from hobbyist to professional. Many of them already have 3D printing and electronic knowledge. This knowledge can produce some amazing DIY alternatives to existing products often at a more affordable price than the original. An example of this is building your own LED …

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Reliving your childhood with the Tamaguino.

The Tamaguino was developed by Alojz Jakob and released for free under the GNU, General Public License. You can find all his original work here, Tamaguino. We at DIY can remember fondly playing on our Tamagotchis, making sure they were well fed and well rested at all times, so when we saw this project, we knew we had …

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