8 Wonderfully Spooky Halloween 3D Prints

It is almost the time of the year where Makers get to flaunt their skills in an attempt to create the coolest and spookiest Halloween costumes, props, and home décor. In my opinion, there are two kinds of people who celebrate Halloween, those who purchase their costumes/props, and those who make their own costumes and props. If you are reading this blog, then I’m taking an educated guess that you’re among the Makers. If you are looking for some cool Halloween 3D Printable inspo we’ve got your back!

Halloween is a holiday celebrated on October 31st. The holiday tradition originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when individuals would light bonfire and wear costumes to fend off ghosts. Halloween has evolved into a holiday with several activities including harmless pranks, trick or treating, and costume celebrations. A huge part of the best Halloween costumes and props include famous villains and heroes from comics, horror movies, and computer games. If you have access to a 3D Printer, and a passion for Halloween, then you have the ability to print parts, accessories, or entire costumes. Here are some wonderfully spooky Halloween 3D Prints we think you should try!

Fun fact: The trick or treat and costume dress up derives from the British practice of allowing the poor to beg for a type of food, called “soul cakes”.

8 Spooky Halloween 3D Prints

Winter Soldier Arm by Jace1969

The Winter Soldier Arm

If you want to become the new fist of HYDRA then this print is for you. We are, of course, referring to the Winter Soldier arm, which was a huge hit during our 2020 Halloween office competition. While this version won’t be made from titanium or vibranium it is a truly impressive and detailed model.  If you are a fan of the Winter Soldier from the Marvel movies, then here’s your chance to bring part of the character to life.
STL by Jace1969
Image by DIYElectronics

Reaching Wall Hands by F0R63

Reaching Wall Hands

If you trying to add a creepy factor to your home, inside or out, then these creepy reaching hands are exactly what you need. These 3D Printed hands can be mounted on the wall to create the illusion of spectral hands reaching through the void to our side. These are a great addition to some Halloween displays or even a haunted house. You can even recreate the “Don’t Open – Dead Inside” scene from The Walking Dead. These Halloween decorations aren’t limited to the specific holiday however but can be used as an accessory holder and hanger throughout the year.
STL and Image by F0R63

Shang Chi Ten Rings by Mansfield_Spidey

Shang Chi The Legend of the Ten Rings

Captain America movies are not the only Marvel movies that make our list of prints. Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is the latest Marvel movie release and is the highest-grossing movie since the pandemic started. For this Halloween, you could switch it up and embrace the newly introduced hero on our screens by equipping yourself with your own set of rings.
STL by Mansfield_Spidey
Image by FutureMakerLabs

Safe distance pumpkin by TobyCWood

Safe Distance Trick or Treat Pumpkin

Another fun aspect of Halloween, mostly for the kids, is collecting sweets and treats. This Safe Distance Trick or Treat Pumpkin allows you to collect the goodies with minimal contact, therefore adhering to Covid-19 regulations while still enjoying Halloween. To get the most from your pumpkin be sure to print the compatible GoPro mount from Rauglothgor.
STL by TobyCWood and STL by Rauglothgor
Image by Amazing3D

Halloween Crow by danman

Halloween Crow

Crows have been associated with the Halloween tradition for many years. They are large black birds and are often represented as mythical animals associated with death and darkness. What better way to amp up your spooky décor than printing a model of a crow. If you want to go the extra mile then you can add LED lights for the eyes, giving the prop an eerie glow especially at night. Imagine walking past someone’s house at midnight and all you could see is a black bird with red eyes Scary!
STL and Image by danman

Low poly Mask by kongorilla

Low Poly Mask

Low poly is a low count polygon mesh used in 3D computer graphics. The blocky shape that results from low poly meshes is a popular aesthetic among some artists. This mask appeals to gamers and creatives that would like a simple yet customizable mask for their Halloween outfit. The low poly mask allows you to get creative and add some dramatic scary features to fit the spooky Halloween theme or rock it like the picture because it still looks cool.
STL and Image by kongorilla

Jack O'Lantern by thjelmfelt

Jack O’Lantern with Snap On Faces

The second pumpkin-themed print on the list is a jack o’lantern with swappable faces because it just wouldn’t be Halloween without some spooky-faced pumpkins. If you cant get your claws on a large pumpkin for carving then this print is just what you need. A simple peg system allows you to swap out different faces whenever you want. The designers even included a blank face so people can add their own designs for a truly unique jack o’lantern.  
STL and Image by thjelmfelt

Halloween Stitch by cynicalplant

Halloween Stitch

This model is for all the kids, and adults, that are fans of Disney’s Stitch. For Halloween Stitch has donned a Dracula-inspired jacket and cape and is ready to go trick or treating with Lilo. This is a fun little print that can be used for a more lighthearted Halloween display. While it may not be the scariest model around you can turn it into a family activity by printing a couple of them and getting everyone to paint one.
STL and Image by cynicalplant

The beauty of 3D Printing is the limitless opportunities for makers. This Halloween is your opportunity to explore and be creative. If you have some cool ideas you would like to add or share with us, please tell us in the comments below. Check out the rest of our blog for other interesting topics and posts. Keep up to date with all things DIYElectronics by checking out our social media, FacebookInstagramTikTokTwitter, and join our community. If you want to check out our store, click this link.

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